About the Nedtronome.

If you have arrived here to try it out, you've received an email from me or were referred to the nedtronome by one of my friends or students.

The nedtronome is a radically different kind of metronome. It's purpose is to give you stability at all tempos, and to also help you achieve faster top speeds for your various skills, while staying very relaxed.

The Nedtronome increases and decreases tempo in a new way--by moving in smaller increments than BPM. This allows you to train your muscles in a very relaxed state as you speed up ever so gradually.

For instance, 60 BPM, 60.1 BPM, 60.2 BPM, etc. (It's algorithm actually cuts BPM's into thousandths--but displays the counter in 10ths, ie 60.7 instead of displaying something like 60.7589.

The set up is super simple. Just put in the your starting BPM and your fastest BPM, and how long you'd like to accelerate and decelerate. The Nedtronome takes care of the rest. You can even use plateaus.

It's still under development, but already you can see the benefit as you use it. If you jump in and create a FREE account now, you will never have to pay to use the Nedtronome website--should it ever become a commercial app.

Thanks, Ned